The Encyclopedia Show – Bears

Recently I was approached by the University of Washington’s Manic Mouth Congress to participate in The Encyclopedia Show. Participants had to prepare a verbal encyclopedia entry on the topic of BEARS!

Despite the fact that I have a lot of work to do already, I decided to participate. I thought it would be an interesting and enjoyable experience and so that’s why I said yes. A few days later I received additional details. The specific type of bear I was to write about was called “grolar bear”, a hybrid bear (grizzly bear + polar bear = grolar bear OR prizzly bear). As you could probably imagine, I had never heard of such a creature. In fact I thought it was totally made up.

I had no idea where to begin. Actually, I did. The training I received at CUNY Queen’s College’s Graduate program in Library Science provided me with the tools I need to find out more about the animal and prepare a superb poem. I started with a general web search, using Bing. Which led me to a Wikipedia entry. The citations provided on the Wikipedia page provided me with a few additional resources. I printed between 8 and 10 pages worth of information on grolar grizzly bears and began to highlight.

Up to this point I still wasn’t sure on the type of poem to write, however it eventually developed into a persona piece. After several rounds of revisions, and some critiques offered by members of the manic mouth congress team, I arrived at my master piece.

Now that you know how I came to create it. Listen and enjoy! Let me know what you think.

Title: Grolar Prizzly Bear
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Grolar Prizzly Bear
I am prizzly grizzly bear
Or is it polar grolar bear
Or may be its polar grizzly bear
Or prizzly grolar bear

I often forget, but frankly I really don’t care
Because I know I came from a place where x and y chromosomes come together to make a pair
And that it is that pair that gave rise to a rarely seen breed of bears

A genetic combination that leads humans to stand and stare
But frankly I don’t care
Because I am a stealth bear,
At least I thought so as I stood on that cold day enjoying the soothing feeling of winters ai,
A stealth bear

From polar’s I inherit the ability evade infrared heat censors
Invisible, I use my acute sense of smell to locate prey, as they kick back and relax up to one mile away
A natural born hunter, victims are often unaware that they should have said a final prayer before departing from there sacred layer [that day],
because my presence is rarely detected
And before they have a moment to blink, I have used my 42 strategically arranged teeth to send shards of bone to pierce their dome.
A stealth bear

From grizzlies bestowed upon me is the ability to move on land with grace and ease
because unlike pure polar’s, I’m much more lean
A stealth bear, at least I thought so as I stood on that cold day enjoying the soothing feel of winters breeze
A stealth bear

It was me, proud to be!
Standing amongst several polar’s pondering in which one I would plant my seed
A stealth bear

Able to bear the harsh winters and cold seas.
Able to bear the responsibility of representing two distinct breeds.
A stealth bear

At least I though so I as I stood enjoying the soothing feeling of winters breeze
Until like a rock kicked up by a tractor-trailer only to hit your windshield
Something went POP!
Only to be succeeded by a sound contrived by over inflating a balloon,
Again, something went POP!

Instantly my legs gave way and i laid on my belly rear legs splayed
It was in that moment as I felt my life escaping me that I understood that I wasn’t a stealth bear
And that I could not bear the projectile that glided a hundred miles an hour through the air
To pierce my hollow hair

Not for the food or clothing, but rather so some hunter can hang me
On the wall as a prized trophy
Or place me belly down on the floor where he and his friend and family will trample me

In the final moments I remind my self, I am polar grolar bear or is it prizzly grizzly bear or perhaps polar grolar bear.
It’s actually grolar prizzle bear, but frankly I don’t care,
I am just trying to indulge in the moment.
The last time i will enjoy the soothing feeling of winters breeze

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