The Fun is Just Beginning

So, I am sitting here this evening listening to a video entitled “The Future of Libraries: Bruno Racine & Paul Leclerc, moderated by Paul Holdengräber” and thinking about how this week began and all of the things that I have planned before it ends.

You may be asking yourself, “How did it begin?” Well it officially began on Sunday, May 01, 2011 with an email from adviser. I knew exactly what the email was about, so I decided to put it off until I had some more time to devout to it. Later that evening, I opened it and downloaded an attached file. That file was my advisers response to my attempt to summarize the mounds of literature I have read over the last six weeks on the digital divide and digital literacy skills.

The feedback provided, constructive in nature, has helped me arrive at the conclusion that the fun is just beginning. Though I didn’t expect the document to be flawless, I realized there are a lot more things for me to pay attention to than I initially assumed. As a result, over the next few months I expect to be engaging in early mornings and long nights of reading, re=reading, highlighting, re-reading, typing, and deleting. Am I looking forward to it? I plea the 5th! I will say, I look forward to looking back on the exercise rejoicing in the fruits of the efforts that will be expended.

Of course the aforementioned is only one of the many things on my plate platter this week. I am either volunteering at, involved in planning or will be attending a several functions going on this week among which:

  • A colleague’s dissertation proposal defense
  • The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), 41 annual dinner and scholarship fundraiser
  • An poetry open mic
  • NW Summit 2011: Workshop on Information Systems and Management

It should be an interesting week as I try to balance these activities with revising the summary I am writing on the digital divide and digital literacy, but I am determined to continue to keep moving forward.

Can you relate to what I describing above? Do you have some tips or pointers to offer? Well, wait no longer scroll down and provide your comment below.

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