“R”eady for “R”

What is “R”? If you guessed, “a letter in the alphabet, d’oh!” 😀   You were right and on family feud that probably would have been the number one answer. But the letter “R” also represents a programming language typically used by people to compile statistics and analyze or create visual representations of a data set. In many ways it is similar to products like Microsoft Excel, SPSS and STATA but free to download and perhaps even more powerful.

Unfamiliar R, I turned to my colleague Jeff Hemsley an active contributor to the R community of bloggers (http://www.r-bloggers.com/?s=Jeff+Hemsley). I was confident that Jeff would be turn me to helpful resources interested in learning more about R. The list below does exactly that!

The resources listed below are an assortment of books, websites and a videos.

What is “R”?

Want to see what visualizations from “R” might look like?

Want to give it a try?

Don’t feel like spending hours reading? How about watching short videos?

Don’t have time to sit threw a bunch of videos?

Wish you knew other R users in your area?

You really want “books” on programming in R?

Got questions? Need help?

What’s next?

If there is a resource (especially videos) that should be on this list but isn’t, either mention it in the comments section below or email me.

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