Women’s History Month themed Haikus

Women’s History Month 2017 is already seven days in. In recognition of the month, I will be writing haikus to increase my and your knowledge about the many women how have contributed to the world that we live in.

How is it going to work? 

  • Everyday I will post at least one haiku.
  • Each haiku(s) posted will volunteer hints about the woman that I would like to call our attention to.
  • You write in your guesses in the comments section below
  • I will provide the answer a few days after the post has been made. 

Any questions? 

It will be an educational experience for me. I pray you all are able to take something away from this too. 


The first one is below. 

Who is she? D1

Refused to stand up
When asked to give up her seat
She responded, nah!

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