D3: #WHM – Who is she? – Haiku

Welcome back for another haiku. The answer to yesterdays Women’s History Month themed haiku can be found at the bottom of this page.  Enjoy D3’s haiku! Who is she?  She made us safer So we can get in our cars And see through the snow  Do you know who she is? Guess below! Check back […] → Continue Reading D3: #WHM – Who is she? – Haiku

D2: #WHM – Who is she? – Haiku

Yesterday was my first Women’s History Month themed haiku. Did you correctly guess the name of the woman? Check below for the answer. Did you miss yesterdays haiku? Click here! And now, today’s Women’s History Month haiku. #D2 – Who is she? Self-made millionaire That gave much in charity Brought us black hair care   Yesterdays […] → Continue Reading D2: #WHM – Who is she? – Haiku

Women’s History Month themed Haikus

Women’s History Month 2017 is already seven days in. In recognition of the month, I will be writing haikus to increase my and your knowledge about the many women how have contributed to the world that we live in. How is it going to work?  Everyday I will post at least one haiku. Each haiku(s) […] → Continue Reading Women’s History Month themed Haikus

Womens History Month – Haiku

A month to honor To honor who? The women From the beginning

Winter is still here – Haiku

It snowed The snow visited  But it didn’t stay that long The rain melted it Bye bye ice Sanitation trucks Disperse salt on roads all night Keeping drivers safe

Long weekend – Haiku

You need more than love Love doesn’t go far It will carry you midway Then you’re on your own Death may come Tomorrow may come Give thanks before it escapes There is no undo

Evening Run – Haiku

Back at it After the long break It felt great to go running Through the city streets Why run?  I don’t fun for fun At least not at the moment Running keeps me strong

Seattle City Address – Haiku

Ed Murry Speaks It was at a mosque That the mayor delivered His city address Diverse Perspectives  We stand together Despite our differences God please guide us all

Presidents Day – Haiku

It was in 2009 History was made Obama was selected To lead this nation It started in 1800 On this third Monday We honor past presidents  Never forgetting

Step Afrika! – Haiku

I had the pleasure of attending Step Afrika’s last performance in Seattle. The dances performed were an interpretation  of Jacob Lawrence’s The Migration Series.  The performances inspired today’s Haikus. Enjoy! Reserve Your Ticket See Step Afrika! Their steps are full of stories Waiting to be heard Come Back Soon Thank you for coming Your harmony […] → Continue Reading Step Afrika! – Haiku

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