The Weekend – Haiku

Another day in Seattle Cloudy skies again Seattle knows the rain well Please send us some sun Oh that sun The sun brings warm rays  Evoking cool aid smiles And requests to stay    

Publishing in Academia – Haiku

Another day of writing writing writing. Enjoy the Haikus … Journal submission Brainstorm, write, rewrite Send to peer-review journal Revise and resend If you insist Use lots of big words Many will appreciate A rich conclusion

Newfound Love for Haikus

I was recently writing a letter to someone important. It was the first handwritten letter I have constructed in a while because I have been submerged in other sorts of writing, mostly academic. I ended the letter with a series of poems, haiku’s, to be exact.  I am not sure what the person the letter was […] → Continue Reading Newfound Love for Haikus

And The Title Is….

I was invited to recite a spoken word piece at the Information School’s (iSchool) (University of Washington) Diversity Summit. After several iterations and feedback from friend in New York I finally had a finished poem. On Friday May 2, 2014 I had the pleasure of closing out the iSchool’s Diversity Summit with the spoken word piece I […] → Continue Reading And The Title Is….

Storytelling: Making Your Story Come Alive!

  Wish you could dazzle your colleagues at meetings, wow your friends when telling them about a recent event or captivate a group of energetic children? Storytelling maybe the answer! Learning to be a good storyteller will equip you with the knowledge, skills and ability to bring a bland chart to life, help your friends […] → Continue Reading Storytelling: Making Your Story Come Alive!

The Encyclopedia Show – Bears

Recently I was approached by the University of Washington’s Manic Mouth Congress to participate in The Encyclopedia Show. Participants had to prepare a verbal encyclopedia entry on the topic of BEARS! Despite the fact that I have a lot of work to do already, I decided to participate. I thought it would be an interesting […] → Continue Reading The Encyclopedia Show – Bears